We Talked with Taner Aksoy About Aksoy Internet Ventures

Aksoy Group, also the owner of sahibinden.com, founded an investment network specifically for internet ventures. We talked with Taner Aksoy about the perspective of Aksoy Internet Ventures on the new ventures as well as the plans of the company which realized its first investment on dakick.com.

We hope that it will be another example of interest taken by the investors in the Turkish internet market and that this new formation will move the industry.

Can you tell us about Aksoy Internet Ventures and the first investment you made through this company?

Since 2000, when we founded sahibinden.com, the internet industry in Turkey has gone through a great change, developing with a fast pace. With the Internet ventures becoming more and more widespread, every day internet users are offered new business models and different sorts of services. Our belief in Turkey and the future of Turkish internet industry led us to found Aksoy Internet Ventures and realize new investments within this frame.

The very first internet project that Aksoy Internet Ventures invested in is dakick.com. This is a brand-new area for us, too and we are quite thrilled. To briefly touch upon dakick.com, it will be a personal, social calendar service where users will easily follow their favorite celebrities and places as well as socializing with their friends. Employing the experience and vision we derived from sahibinden.com, we assume that this promising internet project will achieve success.

Are there any other companies or areas that you are considering for the next investment?

We have broken new grounds with sahibinden.com in the areas of e-trade, real estate and automotive and we proved ourselves in these areas. Aksoy Internet Ventures is open to all sorts of different internet business models where we will share the same vision and not only provide investment support but also our experience in terms of technology, infrastructure, logistics and know-how. We are always open to projects in different areas such as dakick.com under Aksoy Internet Ventures. In this regard, we are currently negotiating for different projects.

Which areas are you planning to invest in? E-trade? Social network?

The internet industry in Turkey is going up with a fast pace. It is clear to see that the rate of computer and internet users in our population is quite low at the moment which indicates the great future potential of the sector. We strongly believe in the internet sector in Turkey in this sense. The young population quickly adapts to the innovations and they are very open to different experiences. Each day brings a new internet business model and different services offered via the internet.

We are also open to all sorts of promising internet projects of all areas. We are aiming to invest in Turkey first. We can consider expanding our Turkish investments abroad as well as taking part in projects which directly target external markets.

What is the amount of funds you allocated?

We believe that we have initially allocated the necessary amount of funds. Besides, there are domestic and international fund sources which will be eager to take part in the new investments by providing capital as long as the picture is convenient for them.

How does the decision-making process work? How are the investment decisions taken?

Aksoy Internet Ventures searches the new project opportunities which are then evaluated by the Investment Committee. The investment decisions are taken by the board of directors of Aksoy Group, Burak Ertaş, CEO of sahibinden.com and this committee formed by the professionals.

The leading criteria in the investment decisions are the history of the investor and their ambition for the project, the size of the targeted market and the difference to be created by the idea. In addition, it is an important piece of criteria for our investment decision that the project is technically completed or its trial version is already put into practice; at this point, I can say that we conduct an early stage investment strategy. Besides, we have a consultancy support in hand when it comes to company assessments, legal issues and the area we are going to make an investment in. We work on different scenarios according to parameters such as the size of the project in the presentation stage and the growth potential in the short term since we plan to make early stage investments.

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