comScore’s Video Metrix Turkey Report: We Watch More Videos on Facebook Than on YouTube!

The Turkey report by Video Metrix, the video measurement service of comScore, is now released. The report says that Facebook is the web site where most videos are viewed in Turkey. Google sites come next.

Having launched its first services in the USA four years ago, Video Metrix provides measurement of online videos and has recently released its first report on Turkish market. The first Video Metrix Turkey report indicates that 20.2 million single viewers watched 3 billion videos in February this year.

According to this report which puts forward very significant data, approximately 17 million Facebook users watched approximately 800 million videos in February. This points out that 46.6 videos on average are watched by a single user per month.

In February, Google Sites attracted 15.4 million single users, 690 million videos being viewed, which followed Facebook. After a 2,5-year access restriction, Youtube has got back at the end of last year, yet it seems that it is not as popular as it used to be any more.

The 3rd name on the Video Metrix Turkey report is Dailymotion which is acquired by Orange. Approximately 15 million people watched more than 167 million videos on

4th place belongs to Nokta Medya, the first Turkish video portal. Benefiting from the sharing influence of Facebook with İzlesene, Nokta reached more than 7 million Turkish internet users and 43.6 million videos have been viewed.

After Nokta come Mynet, Vidivodo, Yahoo, Timsah, Zapkolik and Haber365 which have been viewed around 114 million times in total.

Online Videos Appeal to the Young Users

The report states that 89% of the Turkish internet users watched online videos in February 2011, pointing out each person viewed 144 videos per month and 14.8 hours of total viewing time was reached, which in a way describes how the investments made in this area will be met.

comScore Video Metrix shows us that each man in the age group of 15-24 has an average viewing time of 20.8 hours watching 200 videos while the women spend only 12 hours on average for 122.5 videos. Women of age group 55+ form the group of viewers who show the least interest in online video. This group has a viewing rate of 91.1 videos in 8.4 hours per person.

During his attendance in Webrazzi Summit, Mike Read, comScore Europe Senior Vice President, pointed out the online market potential in Turkey, adding that video industry is still in the infancy stage. Read further emphasized that the industry should start long-term professional broadcasting which is actually what we talked about today.

Let us once more highlight that the data in question is important for us in terms of seeing the current market conditions and we should not forget that foreign ventures will take interest in the Turkish market in this field.

Original Post: comScore İlk Video Metrix Türkiye Raporunu Yayınladı: Facebook’ta Youtube’dan Daha Fazla Video İzliyoruz!

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