Promising Startups from Startup Weekend Istanbul 2011

Startup Weekend Istanbul was held last weekend and finished with a better performance compared to last year. The event was nice, there were good projects and a number of different presentations.

We were among the jury as Webrazzi team (see: last year) and I can clearly say that there are more than one promising start-ups this year. Below you can find all the projects from competition was hosted by Microsoft Turkey, with top 3 first, according to presentation order.

I recommend all the start-up owners back their projects with a fine financial and legal analysis. I also wish that the projects will be commented by not having a “clone” argue and in a realistic and constructive way.

Here are the promising start-ups of SW Istanbul 2011′

1. Nereye Uçalım (Where to Fly): Nereye Uçalım provides totally independent offers to its users, providing the best rate air ticket, accommodation and organization for a selected date.

Bringing alternative holiday options to you, Nereye Uçalım aims to provide good and different holiday options to users. The service’s earnings model is planned to be based on percentages and ads it will get from the processes I have mentioned above.

2. Ben Sosyalim (I am Social): We can call this a social responsibility project, which is an online application center for volunteers who want to be participate in social responsibility activities. Ben Sosyalim makes it easier for NGO’s and charities to find volunteers, while it invites people to be more social and participating.

The project team bases its earnings model on fees it will provide from NGO’s and charities in the future and using analysis it will make on its user profile. – Turkcell stated it is willing to support this project.

3. List My Wishes: If you want your friends to buy you the presents you want, you can tell them to visit In real world you can add an item you want to your profile by having its barcode read or by bookmarklets while surfing on the net. After that all you have to do is taking your friends to your profile page.

The team is planning to transfer money by money pool system for now, and thinking of gaining cash from ads, earnings partnership system and sponsorship.

4. City in Face: This can be a new period for house removal for 1.6 million people who have to move houses each year in Turkey. City in Face accepts demands from users per house removal periods and match them with removal companies, aiming to provide two ways business opportunities. The team also plans to standardize terms including insurance etc. for house removal, while providing free service to its users and maintaining the service using the percentage it will get from house removal companies. The team states that there is a large market in this area.

5. Moda Üni (Fashion Uni): This service is planning to bring the dressing style of colleges and college students together on one place. The system is yet to be ready to accept photos from users; however you can tag the outfits by their brands. The service is planned to gain earnings by analyzing brand choices, while creating loyalty by providing free vouchers to users.

6. Temiz Çamaşır (Clean Laundry): The services target audience is single men, and it aims to collect your laundry, clean and fold them and then deliver to you by door-to-door service. The project team is aiming to increase its earnings by providing special offers for detergents options etc..

7. Gerçek Ev Yemekleri (Real Homemade Food): This system enables housewives to sell homemade food to the people living in the neighborhood, providing online food service system to individuals. The team wants to see 1 million of 12 million housewives in the project. Its earning model is based on commission sale.

8. Metu Notes: The team is aiming to bring academic education notes on one online portal, which is a different idea from the project the team was chosen for. The project is planned to enhance its content as a complimentary education portal and its earnings model is based on percentage it will get for each print, along with some online options.

9. Yerime (OBO Me): If you have an urgent thing to do in a short time, you can find somebody to do it for you on The system is considered to create earnings by paid subscription and private services, while aiming to find the sought person for a particular job, while helping people making use of their free time and helping a cure for disguised unemployment. On the system the users can apply for a job to be completed on open bidding with reduction on price, and the payment will be the employer’s responsibility.

10. Bakmadan Alma (Don’ Buy Without Reviewing): On this service, products will be tested by users and they will be promoted with video clips from the users on the website The project is aiming to be an online portal where users share their reviews both audio and visually, while its earnings model is based on its promotions for the brands.

11. Adrestoran (Adrestaurant): This project is planning to provide a special list of restaurants to people according to their illness and allergy conditions. The service is thinking of categorizing both restaurants and their food per each user’s condition and its earnings model is based ton promotions and orders.

12. Tartışmatik (Argue-O-Matic): If you argue a lot on online portals, is your cup of tea. You can share what you feel on a topic by selecting either I gree or I disagree, and then write a comment on it. The service wants to categorize the topics and see what communities feel about different topics. Its earning model is based on questions asked by brands and ads.

13. Her Biri Engel (Each of Them is a Disability): The project is aiming to sell each of 1 million pixels to people with disabilities, and will use the earnings for starting projects from disabled people.

Not: The projects I did not give link to can add their comments, and write about themselves, if they want me to write about them.

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