DijiMecmua.com Made the First Step with iPad App to be Turkey’s Zinio

Magazine fan iPad users must have heard of Zinio. If you like to read stuff from iPad and want lower foreign magazine costs, Zinio has become one of your favorite apps, like me, or it will be.

I have always thought that there are a few companies that could what Zinio has done globally, in Turkey. These are eMecmua.com, HepOku.com and DijiMecmua.com, respectively, based on their ages.

eMecmua.com was bought by Doğan Burda Magazine Publishing about 1.5 years ago. HepOku.com is operating under Turkuvaz Medie Group. DijiMecmua.com is a new service, but it gained speed with the investment it received from iLab Ventures in June 2010.

The application similar to what Zinio offers for iPad has come from DijiMecmua.com. I believe that it can create great value if managed successful in the coming one or two years. The company brings all the magazines included in the service to iPad with its application, and it is an important start-up in a field that will become success, maybe not instantly, but in the coming periods in Turkey.

a few days ago I ran into Özkan Hacıoğlu, founder and GM of DijiMecmua, and he showed me its iPad app’s demo quickly. The app is waiting for approval to take place in App Store.

The app will be available most probably in one week. I found it very useful, and wanted to share its first screenshots with you, as a Webrazzi tradition.

You can see first screenshots of DijiMecmua’s iPad application which is yet to be in App Store.

As I have already mentioned, these services are the start-ups that will be success in the coming periods and I predict that similar services will be available in iPad. Even there might be ones that have started to test applications these days.

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