iLab Ventures Bought All Shares!

We have shared the news of eBay buying 93% of GittiGidiyor shares yesterday, and added that iLab Ventures, the first investor of the company still held 7% of GittiGidiyor shares, upon having this news confirmed by the parties.

Here is a new information we have just received: iLab Ventures has bought 100% of shares, the price comparison start-up of GittiGidiyor founders.

It was predicted that Cimri, which has a critical position for GittiGidiyor, would remain with GittiGidiyor’s founder team after eBay acquisition. However, iLab Ventures must have seen the value there and bought all the shares of popular price comparison service.

We don’t have a clear info on the sales figure yet, but we will update the news on the figure if we can have it confirmed.

On the other hand we had both Cimri, (GittiGidiyor founders) and iLab Ventures confirm the acquisition of by iLab Ventures, so the credibility of this news is out of question.

We will be sharing any news on the issue with you.

Original Post: iLab Ventures’un Tüm Hisselerini Satın Aldı!

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