Yonja Media Group Focuses on Being the Largest Social Web Company with New Investment

If you have been following Webrazzi for a long time, you will remember that Yonja received investment from Tiger Global in 2008. The company modified its strategy after the investment and assigned the management to Dilawar Syed as CEO about 1.5 year ago. Yonja Media Group is in a restructuring process with Dilawar Syed transferred from Yahoo! and has been performing attention grabbing operations these days.

The company has grabbed a strong position by investing in Fırsat Bu Fırsat, online offer tracking service and cooperated with Zoost, one of the largest match making services in the world, for Yonja.com a while ago following this investment.

I am receiving hearsays that the company is continuing its effort for new projects and co-operations on the social web side particularly. The group’s movement is in fact backed by Tiger Global investment, which has made for the 2. time in January. By the way let me remind you that other companies receiving investment from Tiger Global include Mynet and Trendyol from Turkey.

Following the investment to Yonja Media Group, the company has begun to work for new social products that will be offered separately from Yonja.com. Inspired by the success it gained with Fırsat Bu Fırsat, the company gave priority to this field they call “social trade” and might start new partnerships or co-operations in this field.

At the moment Fırsat Bu Fırsat is following the largest 4 players in group shopping market and it has reached more than 500 thousand members in 6 months and more than 1 million visitors per month. The service also has iPhone application available. I wonder if the service will continue to be an offer tracking service, or whether it will start to provide offers on its own structure. However I’m sure that as Yonja Media Group has prioritized this field, the company’s model might change according to Yonja’s strategies in the future.

Yonja is aiming to be a large social web company following this investment, as we have been told. I must clearly say that this aim is one of challenging and large scale. With this respect, the company should target new models including social media and not limiting itself to Fırsat Bu Fırsat. We have also heard that the company have major plans for mobile market, however we are not sure what will be done for this aim. However we are sure that Yonja is one of those very few companies receiving investment from a foreign investment company for the 2. time and with the new steps it will take in the coming days, we will probably make more news for it in the near future.

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