Mail.Ru In Turkish Market with Allods Online, one of the most popular Internet portals in Russia, has taken a step in Turkish online gaming arena. Hamburg office of Games gave us some info on both MMORPG style Allods Online which is in private beta now, and Mail.Ru Games. Let’s have a look at Allods Online and Games first, and then review the details of

Allods Online is a MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) style online combat game. Users try to empower their characters, in a world of inter planets war following a disaster. Allods Online is one of the most played games of’s 3 MMORPG games and is waiting for Turkish users in private beta at the moment.

A major investment has been made for the localization of Allods Online and 13 people have worked for 4 months and translated 1 million words into Turkish. The localization is not only text based and it has also been dubbed by popular names. 1 million words have been translated into Turkish in 4 months by 13 translators. Thousands of objects and thousands of places have also been localize for Turkish users. Below you can see a part of the game in Turkish.

Mail.Ru Games

As Mail.Ru Games Product Manager Serhat Soylu says, there are more than 30 social games, 34 downloadable and browser vased online games. 21 of them are developed the company itself and the most played 3 MMORPG’s have 435,000 players per month. The number of players of’s social games are 19.1 million.

Mail.Ru Group

Mail.Ru Group, is considerable powerful in e-mailing, social networking and social networking ( and instant messaging (ICQ) in Russia and is providing services under Digital Sky Technologies which own 10% of Facebook. is on the 1st place in e-mailing services in Russia, while it has a blogger service on The number of users is 60 million and addresses 50% of Russian internet market. The number of daily visitors of the portal is 11,6 million, while the number of monthly visitors of My.Mail.Ru, social networking service of the portal, reached 18.1 million. Its instant messaging service, Agent, provides services for 4 million mobile ICQ users and is one of the most used instant messaging services in Russian speaking countries. Agent has 15.6 million users per month.

In short,, with over 1800 employees, continues to be one of the first stop for all Russian speaking users around the world. Considering that Group is in a global investment network as DST, we can predict that Turkey, a very young and dynamic internet market, will attract various other investments from this channel.

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