Boyner Group Launched MorHipo, It’s Future is Object of Interest!

We had given you the news on Boyner Group would launch a breakthrough in e-trade world with its new service, MorHipo. On a press introduction held yesterday evening, we learned the details of the service. Apparently Morhipo has taken some risks, and took some serious steps to change the world of e-commerce.

MorHipo’s Season part will sell only continuously, while its Exclusive page will be only for private shopping. The portal has women, children, men, home-life and designers categories, and its private shopping part will offer huge discounts to users.

From Traditional Retail to Online Shopping

As Cem Boyner and Kaan Dönmez were in the meeting, we had the opportunity to receive the details at first hand. Cem Boyner mentioned that they started to operate in retail industry in 1971, and were determined to move their customer relations experience of nearly 40 years to online world. Boyner admitted that he refrained from Internet at first, but now he believes that they have found the right pieces and see the potential in this industry.

I guess we have to explain what Boyner implies with “finding the correct pieces”. Firstly, the project needed to include a name experienced in e-trading, and it has done so by including Kaan Dönmez, Founder and former GM of Hepsiburada.

Boyner Group has agreed with Ekol Logistics for product storage and dispatching,Yurtiçi Kargo for shipping, and for online infrastructure, keeping the first investments at minimum. For costumer relations, the service is supported by Back-up.

New Experiences in E-trading

Boyner says that they are not late for e-trading and private shopping world, and it has taken some time to get ready and prepared with the aim of offering quality and better service. Kaan Dönmez mentioned that with their partners they have created a highly flexible system that can easily grow, and they will offer a unique service that no other e-trading websites have provided, and that it will be directed to personalization in time.

For example, MorHipo will make it available for the users to ship different campaigns at once, shipment will be free of charge if the products will not be delivered in 24-72 hours, refund will be available for 30 days without question, and members will earn 1% to 10% HipoPara (HipoMoney) for their purchases. MorHipo Exclusive campaigns will be available from 11 am, being different from other campaigns, and costumers will be able to track down their shipments using Yurtiçi Kargo’s iPhone app.

How will Mor Hipo Locate Itself in the Market?

Boyner Group will offer more than 200 new brands online and provide a wide range of products, in number as high as 1200. 20 percent of İstinye Park is owned by Boyner Group and 1 million email addresses of 4.5 million loyalty card members are stored in Boyner’s system.

I guess it is beyond question how effectively MorHipo is backed; Cem Boyner says they are aiming to ship 10 thousand items in 6 months latest and there is no reason they cannot.

However, we must admit that Boyner Group has taken some risks. Even if Zappos is a very good example, it will not be easy to offer several unfamiliar experiences to users at once. It is getting harder each day to get profitable and maintain sustainability in online environment where it is easy to be directed in different options.

Last week on Webrazzi Agenda: E-Commerce meeting we talked about the fact that negative tendencies of e-trading users are low, despite our concerns. I hope this will be the same for MorHipo and it improves the quality of user standards as a major player in e-trading market.

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