Facebook Comment Plug-in Becomes Social Dictionary

Facebook’s application world and social network structure continue to open new doors to start-up owners. Socidi, developed only in one week, is one of them. It is positioning itself in social media using the new Facebook comment plug-in.

Socidi identifies itself a social dictionary and was developed by Gökhan Çeliker, the developer of Socidi is a text based sharing environment and you are automatically included in this environment when you’re signed into your Facebook account. Socidi makes the best of a social dictionary, perhaps that’s why it gets ahead of today’s dictionary platforms.

You can make searches for titles and add definitions (comments) to them at Socidi, and to other users’s comments. Like feature is again a serious potential as a trendsetter. The service has the advantage of easy navigation as Facebook, but you should remember that it is open to public.

Facebook comment plug-in was powered up a short while ago and begun to be used by varios online media channels. Now that this service, once overshadowed by articles, is on the top of the list, which shows that small details can turn into big ideas. If brands listen to what is told about them on Socidi, this new service may achieve a proper earnings model.

We can also say that if Socidi can determine the thin line between being a social dictionary and a social discussion platform, it will be a nice start-up service from Turkey.

Service has been launched in English, but Gökhan Çeliker has told us that has also been created for Turkish users. I believe that Socidi will attract interest in Turkey, since it is one of the countries with the largest number of Facebook users.

Original Post: Facebook Yorum Eklentisi Sosyal Sözlük Oldu

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