Intel Capital’s Second Investment Comes to Grupanya

Intel Capital’s investment to Nokta was confirmed a few days ago, as you all know. And this investment was the first of 50 million dollar fund that Intel Capital, major investment companies in the world, has to invest in Turkey, Middle East and Africa, and also first investment of the company in Turkey.

So, which company will get investment after that?

Actually we made some guess as to what the answer would be according to the hearsay we received a few months ago, but were careful to share it with you as it was not for certain. But as our resources have confirmed that negotiations are coming to final rounds, we wanted to share the news first with you, as usual.

If nothing goes wrong, Intel Capital’s second investment will be to Grupanya, one of the leaders of group shopping market in Turkey.

Grupanya Valued at $40 million

As we have heard, the company has been valued at the level of 40 million dollars, and with this investment, it will be included in Intel Capital’s partners as minority shareholder.

I want to especially highlight that, Intel Capital’s investment to Grupanya has yet to be confirmed and no contracts have been signed yet. However we know that negotiations have been continuing for a while, and the company has come to a certain point of agreement with Grupanya, as our important contacts have shared with us.

Foreign investors’s interest in Turkey Internet market will increase

We are not sure when the contract will be signed and it will be announced, but what we are sure of is that, foreign investors will be following Turkey very closely with the investment Intel Capital has made and will make in Turkey Internet market.

We are waiting for the confirm of the issue, however will be sharing any developments with you, if any occurs.

Original Post: Intel Capital’in İkinci Yatırımı Grupanya’ya Geliyor

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    Was the investment in Grupanya also made by the Intel Capital Middle East and Turkey Fund? I understood that from the article but it is still a bit vague.

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