Markafoni’s New Start-Up Zizigo Gets Online

Following the success of Markafoni, Sina Afra started his new e-commerce website, Zizigo, as of today. Sina had been long talking about this startup, which is focused on shoes world.

The website is ready to bring difference to the market with features including free shipping, 365 days return, 7/24 customer service and it is aiming to provide a Zappos like service in Turkey.

Zizigo has gone online with the motto “Turkey’s best online shoe store”, and it reflects a whole different approach to e-commerce service with its simple and user-friendly interface.

In a magazine interview a few days ago, Sina Afra mentioned that they are aiming to be the largest e-commerce holding company of Turkey in 3 years. And we can say that he is getting close to his goal in a popular vertical market as shoes world, considering his latest start-up Zizigo, added to Markafoni’s sister companies.

In addition to sales and opportunity based services as Markafoni and Grupfoni, Sina will try to make a difference with its understanding of customer services with Zizigo, which will provide season products to users.

You might be interested in the viral video, shot with Markafoni employees and Sina Afra shared on his personal blog before Zizigo went online.

We will be watching Zizigo’s development and the competition it will create in the market closely and share the news regularly. It is a fact that we will see a period of intense competition in vertical e-trade.

Original Post: Markafoni’nin Yeni Girişimi Zizigo Açıldı

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