Dekamedia is in Turkey with Investors

We had seen that Berlin-based Dekamedia, operating in online advertising, was about to take its place in Turkish Internet market a while ago. With the news I received yesterday, I learned that’s investors are among Dekamedia’s Turkey partners.

Dekamedia Turkey’s investors include Co-founder of Taşı, Dr. Ralph Warner, Anestis Tsakiroglou from eBay Germany and Birol Kabakoğlu, Co-founder of As Birol said, the company with 5 partners has completed its organization by February and assigned Saygın İlkinci as Turkey Sales Director.

Dekamedia provides traffic to ad publishers and media purchasing agencies in various channels. While reaching 5.5 million people with 275 million page traffic, Dekamedia’s Turkey office will be dealing with network sales operations in local market. Measurement and reporting operations will be managed by Berlin headquarters office.

Turkey’s rising Internet penetration directs foreign projects to Turkey more frequently now. Within this sense, a major Germany B2B digital network, Dekamedia being in Turkey, is a good example to steps taken in this direction.

Dekamedia will be directing Turkey traffic of major online publishers including TheGuardian, TheSun, National Geographic, and, and will be an important reference as it will reflect the interest of Turkey market in global online publications. I guess it won’t be wrong to say that, and in Dekamedia’s network will be of use for

According to latest news we received, Dekamedia has signed contract with eBay Germany. We will be sharing news on developments for Turkey’s part.

Original Post: Dekamedia Yatırımcılarıyla Türkiye’de

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