UcakBileti.com is on Auction for USD 150.000!

In the last days an nline auction has started and it will influence the domain name market in Turkey. The auction is made by Moniker.com and very valuable domain names that are totally for “airlines tickets” including UcakBileti.com, UcuzBilet.com, and OnlineBilet.com will be sold.

It is a matter of $650.900 of beginning package in total, and UcakBileti.com will be on auction opening at 150.000 dollars, UcuzBilet.com at 167.000 dollars and OnlineBilet.com 75.000 dollars.

I know that some companies have demanded to buy UcakBileti.com, even Pegasus Airlines had wanted to buy it before. Considering only the number of people and companies that called me to ask for my opinion on the auction, I can see that the auction will see some tremendous demand.

The list of all domain names and opening prices are as follows:

The auction will continue until April the 12th, it is managed by moniker and made on SnapNames.com.If you want to place a bid for these very valuable domain names owned by NoktaDomains.com currently, all you need to do is create an account on  SnapNames.com’ and participate in the auction on this adress.

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