100 Most Popular Websites in Turkey According to Google

Google DoubleClick AdPlanner, announced its First report for the First month of the new year. The ranking does not include Google website, while Facebook is on the first rank for Turkish, and Şehir Fırsatı (Groupon) is among the first 100 for group shopping websites.

Google has nearly 100 percent of the search engine market in Turkey, therefore Ad Planner is a valuable resource, which lists the first 100 websites by unique visitors. Facebook takes place on the top in Turkey, as it does worldwide, while the number of monthly individual visitors is 16 million and reach rate is 74.3%. So we can calculate our Internet population as much as 22 million according to Google.

Let’s put the calculation aside and shoot a glance at the other names on the list. The most popular top 10 includes 3 Microsoft names: Live.com is the 2nd, Msn.com is the 3rd and Microsoft is the 9th Hotmail.com, redirected to Live.com is on the 100th place on this list.

According to Ad Planner, the most popular Turkish website is Mynet with the 4th rank on the list, followed by other Turkish websites in the top ten: Blogcu.com (6), İzlesene.com (8) and Sahibinden.com (10).

Major names of etrading, Gittigidiyor and Hepsiburada are on the 16. and 29. places, respectively. The only name to be among the top 100 from group shopping sites is Sehirfirsati.com. This service is Groupon’s Turkey arm, and on the 70. place. In private shopping area, Trendyol is the 65., while Markafoni is the 93. on the list.

We don’t know how Google calculates the number of Internet users, but according to the report we shared in May 2010, the number of unique visitors of Facebook has stayed the same and rate of reach is 75.6%. It means the number of Turkish Internet users has not changed in 8 months.

You can see the whole list here.

Original Post: Google’a Göre Türkiye’nin En Popüler 100 Sitesi

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  1. Tastic |

    That 22 million figure does not seem realistic because as we know Google can’t detect how many internet users are using the same computer.

    This source says it is 35 million


  2. Aynur Khan |

    This list dont make sense at all @tastic is nailed it on the head, realisticly google can’t detect how many internet users are using the same computer.


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