hereweAD Published Turkey 2010 Mobile Ad Report

First Mobile Advertising Report for Turkey has been published by hereweAd. The company has analyzed the advertising spaces in its network, while pointing out the development of mobile advertising.

In Turkey 2010 Mobile Advertising Stats, number of ad view in January is nearly 20 million, while it is at the limit of 80 million by the end of the year. The number of ad campaigns by the end of the year triples the number of ad campaigns in January, targeting mobile.

hereweAd’s ad network includes media bodies such as Hürriyet, Milliyet, Posta, Radikal, Vatan and TRT with Internet sites like, Donanım Haber, eBebek, e-Kolay, Ekşisözlük, Gamyun, Mahmure, Pilli Network and SporX. Vodafone’s mobile applications are also listed. By the end of 2011, it is expected that the number of mobile channels integrated into the system will be more than 200. Mobile ad spaces of the channels on the system are sold by MedyaNet and ReklamZi while iPhone apps as well as mobile interfaces are included on the network.

80% of the published ads are for mobile interfaces, while 13% are for iPhone apps, 5% are for sponsored SMS apps and 2% are for iPad applications. Click rates on ads are 0.68% for iPhone, 0.61% for Mobile interfaces, and 0.52% for iPad.

As for the rates of demands to the system per devices, Apple products are number 1 with a percentage of 45, followed by Nokia by 33%, Samsung with 8 per cent and Blackberry by 7 per cent. Here as an additional stats, Webrazzi‘s mobile visitors use iPhone, SymbianOS, Android and iPad operating systems, respectively with the percentages of 30, 28, 14, 12 respectively.

Finally, hereweAD‘s report includes distributions based on operators. According to the stats, 74% of users use Wi-Fi, 14% use Vodafone, 9% use Turkcell and %3 use Avea to access mobile content.

You can download full report here.

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