Şirketçe.com Is Improving With Semantics Module

Şirketçe.com is a start-up of Beriltech, founded by Devrim Demirel, and now we can use this service with its new face. Semantics module is used in the service for the first time, which has been developed since 2007.

Şirketçe.com includes 265 thousand businesses, and it is planning to reach 500 thousand by the end of the year. Long term aim of the initiative is to include all of the companies that have websites. Brands and similar data will be included to the system, as semantic algorithms re being added to its search module.

At the moment, Şirketçe.com has 243 industry, more than 45 thousand products and services. Information as which industries the companies, products and services belong to is determined by semantic algorithms.

After the acquisition of uygunteklif.com, system integration has been completed and more than 2 million business requests have been sent over Şirketçe.com. It is possible to manage your company on the website by undertaking your company’s website on Şirketçe.com with 55 thousand member companies.

Şirketçe project is aiming to connect all of the companies in Turkey by using semantics technologies since the day it was founded. By the end of year 2010, Şirketçe was granted R&D and innovative project support by Tubitak.

We are following the news about Şirketçe.com with great interest, and will be sharing them with you in the coming days.

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