Nokta Receives Investment From Intel Capital – Nokta Is Worth 30 Million Dollars!

Nokta, the owner of popular Turkish websites including,, and has received investment from lntel Capital. We had long received hearsays of this news, but couldn’t share it with you since the parties did not confirm it, until today.

Now that it has gained certainty with the press meeting invitation on Friday and the advertisement published on Trade Registry Gazette, we can share this great news with you.

According to the official info published by Trade Registry Gazette after the investment, Noktacom Media Internet Corp.’s capital has been increased from 1,600,000 TL to 1,748,150 TL. With this capital increase, Intel Capital will make an investment of 2,500,000 USD, equal to 5,926 shares with a nominal value of 148.150 TL.

According to the values on official records, Intel Capital owns 8.47% of Nokta shares and considering 2,500,000 USD worth investment for these shares, Nokta is valued for 30 million dollars.

However, as what we have heard from sources close to the investment, this investment is more than 2,500,000 dollars. Here, it is possible that the founders have gained a cash flow, in addition to the information seen on official records. Besides, there might be different take-over processes between companies or persons outside general board, as Nokta’s company shares are registered.

Nokta does not want to speak about the investment yet, but as we have heard and got confirmed before, Nokta has been the first group to be supported by an international corporate investor company in Turkish Internet market.

As you will remember, main sponsor of Webrazzi Summit in November 2010 was Nokta. In the same conference, one of the Intel Capital managers, Marcin Hejka, was among the speakers. As we have learned, Nokta started to talk about investment with Intel at that time. The process got longer due to business dynamics, however today it seems that it is ready to announce to the market.

As additional information, you can find the press meeting invitation about the investment below.

Dear Press Member,

Intel Capital, Intel’s global investment company, making capital investments to innovative companies providing hardware, software and Internet services, is investing in a Turkish company for the first time. Intel Capital is signing a strategic partnership agreement with online media company Nokta, to support consumer Internet ecosystem growth in Turkey, which has an important growth potential as a developing economy..

We will be happy to see you in our press meeting which will be held with the participation of Tayfun Acarer, Head of Information Technologies and Communications Institution, Ayşegül İldeniz, Intel Turkey, Middle East and Africa Region Director, Çiğdem Ertem, Intel Turkey General Manager, Marcin Hejka, Intel Capital EMEA Director and Tümay Asena, CEO of Nokta Intel Türkiye, with the aim of announcing the investment agreement of Nokta in Ceylan Intercontinental Hotel on March 25, Friday.

We will continue to update you on this news in the coming days.

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