Hepsiburada and Cem Hakko Got Together for Private Shopping

We have been sharing the news on private shopping and group shopping, and telling that some big names will step in this industry as well.

The names of hearsay major partnerships include Hepsiburada, Cem Hakko and Dinc Artman’s private shopping website

We had been hearing of this start-up for the last few months; however it was not possible to know what this brand would be for sure – due to different expressions – and we couldn’t give a name. Last week we received some certain information that the name will be, and today it has been confirmed by an announcement from the company. will be online tomorrow (3 March) and products in categories including fashion, accessories, cosmetics, children will be available on the website. The company will boom with Vakko, with the effect of Cem Hakko I guess, and will sell brand like Valentino and Prada.

The company will make Vakko’s traditional Vakko Shopping Tent on to its users, so Vakko Outlet products will also be reachable on the website.

We will all wait and see the energy of this partnership when Hepsiburada’s etrading experience and knowledge gets together with the investors’ power

You can receive from before the opening day is available right now and it is possible to sign up for invitation on the home page of the website. You can be one of the first members of the website if you make a request for invitation before the opening tomorrow.

The industry will warm up day by day, there are more to come

Etrading industry is getting hotter each day, and now we are waiting for Morhipo, the new shopping website that will be opened by Boyner Group and Kaan Dönmez, former GM of Hepsiburada, private shopping club of Yalçın Ayaydın, one of the first investors of Trendyol and owner of İpekyol (which Mr. Ayaydın is working on with major textile companies), and the start-up by Doğuş Group and İzi Adato, founder of eStore.


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