Sailing High on the Wind of Social Media – Where is Running in the New Media System?

I’m sure you know about, Cüneyt Özdemir’s website. The news site has caught my attention with its uptrend rally lately, and I believe it might be one of the most popular sites with its original content and studies on the new media.

In today’s new media ecosystem, particularly printed media has turned towards mobile devices, and’s new start-up for iPad and Android devices is worth considering, so I had a talk with Cüneyt Özdemir about his company, Dipnot.Tv and gained detailed information.

Firstly, you should know that I really meant when I said’s “uptrend rally lately”. The stats I got from Cüneyt Özdemir are a proof to this fact.

When it comes to monthly unique visitors, the website had a growth of 240% from December 2010 to January 2011. Similarly, it has an increase of 250% in page views. is a notable service with its flash news, ability to update itself fast, and special news. If you wonder how it grew so fast, I would say it is thanks to the fact that has understood the new media correctly, as the traffic website gets from social media is 50% of its total traffic. As a matter of fact, tablet magazine is another result of this correct understanding of new media.

Cüneyt has told that the application will be online by the middle of March, and will be supporting iPad and Android devices. The application will be in Turkish and English, and is aiming to offer various contents in both languages. While Turkish version will provide a downloadable magazine with a user interface that provides daily news online, English version of the application will provide a weekly magazine.

The project is also supported by Adobe Turkey, and Digital Publishing Suite is used on it, while the company has not released DPS, but is offering to limited number of companies on prerelease. The magazines are created using Adobe InDesign CS5, and the service makes it possible for the magazines to be in the format for being sold on App Store. I have also talked to Apple Turkey, and learned that they have been contacting some companies other than in Turkey. We will be sharing the details on this soon.

I have learned that in tablet magazine, creative advertising solutions will take place, instead of typical banner ads, and video supported rich media ad models will be commonly supported. You can guess what applications I’m talking about if you are one of the Wired users on iPad. has started its studies before most of magazine groups and newspapers have, and it is conducting its project with the cooperation of Apple Turkey. I can say that if succeeds in implementing its plans, it is probable that the company will bring big difference to the paradigms in the industry.

When Cüneyt Özdemir and his team use this wind they have caught in the right way, we might see a rapid uptrend similar to the one HaberTürk once achieved. This will not only bring a brand new color to the media, but also give support to innovative businesses in Turkish internet market.


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