TTNet Launches IPTV in Turkey with Tivibu Ev

In the beginning of 2010, TTNet started its service, Tivibu, as internet TV, and now it’s time for Tivibu to reach home TV’s with IP based technology. New service was introduced with the name Tivibu Ev on an organization held yesterday. This new service targets 2.5 million users in 30 cities.

Tivibu Ev offers the same features as Tivibu does with its desktop application and web broadcast. The new broadcast makes it possible to access social networks including Twitter, Facebook and Twitter, in addition to a number of applications such as horoscope and weather info. Plus, with Tivibu Ev, one can order food using YemekSepeti. I should add that Tivibu Ev is open to 3rd party applications.

Tivibu Ev will broadcast with 8 megabyte speeds with HD standard (for compatible TV’S) and can be used with its own modem. TTNet is not yet planning to make a rapid growth on IPTV, but we have learned that Tivibu Ev will not affect broadband internet connection, and is available in 30 cities.

On the press meeting on Tivibu, it has been said that number of Tivibu subscribers has reached 1 million, while it seems that Tivibu Ev subscription fees from 9,90 will increase this number. Also, it is expected that Tivibu, completing Web broadcast and launching its TV, will take its 3rd step with mobiles in the 2nd quarter.

Davut Dursun, Head of the Supreme Board of Radio and Television (RTÜK), has said that the number of subscribers IPTV had in 2010 globally was 42 million, and first applications on this field are being evaluated for the time being. The studies are going on in 3 pilot cities for Tivibu Ev, and pre-applications for subscriptions are open at the moment. You can be one of the first users of this technology after having a look at Tivibu Ev’s features.


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