MobilHediyem Gets Investment from Emre Kurttepeli

We all know that year 2010 has been good for Turkish Internet industry. We also hope that 2011 will be a better year, and this hope is supported by the positive signals we have been receiving.

We had shared the news about MobilHediyem, first company of Mivento, started by former Head of Turkcell New Services and Business Development Department Altuğ Acar and Marketing Manager Pınar Kart Acar last year. Today we have learned that Emre Kurttepeli, founder of Mynet has invested in MobilHediyem.

MobilHediyem is a brand new service that lets its users text products and services they purchase on the website to their friends’ mobiles. The people receiving the text messages can pick the product from the shop with gift code in the message.

Plus, some shops make it possible to deliver the purchased gifts right to addresses by dialing call center or entering gift code through the website. Users can choose from 21 brands and 500 gifts on MobilHediyem, thanks to its flexible system integrated with websites and call centers.

There is a huge potential for services integrating mobile and Internet in the future. MobilHediyem meets the demand for such a solution in the market, with the increasing number of products it has each day, individual and corporate gifts and promotions.

It seems that with his investment in MobilHediyem, Mynet founder Emre Kurttepeli has combined his belief in the future of mobile and Internet integrated services with his experience in this field.

Emre Kurttepeli says 2011 will be the year for mobile, while solutions that can make use of advantages of mobile efficiently will bring difference to the industry; MobilHediyem is a sophisticated platform that can bring new energy to the market in individual and corporate levels. Emre underlines that he strongly believes in Mivento team.

Currently we have no detailed info on the figures, but I personally believe that the synergy is much more important than the figures for such investments.

This partnership will incorporate Mynet’s portal power and industry knowledge with such a rich source of a precious investor as Emre Kurttepeli, thus becoming leverage for MobilHediyem and other projects.

As Webrazzi, we wish success for both parties and hope to share more news on this kind of investments in 2011.

Original Post: MobilHediyem’e Emre Kurttepeli’den Yatırım Geldi

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