Turkish E-Commerce Market: GittiGidiyor’s 2010 Evaluation Report

We have received GittiGidiyor report for 2010 and there are some stunning figures on it. It was a common opinion that etrading had an immense rise in 2010, and it was mentioned in the last Webrazzi Agenda meeting. GittiGidiyor’s numbers are evidence to this.

The figures GittiGidiyor.com General Manager Cenk Angın has shared reveal that etrading via the website increased by 44% compared to previous year in 2010. In 2009, this number was around 22%, which means Gittigidiyor’s growth doubled in 2010. Also, last year 275 thousand purchases were made on Gittigidiyor.

Registered users on GittiGidiyor increased by 49%, exceeding 6 million. 69% percent of the nearly 2 million new users are male, while 31% of them are female. 73% of total Gittigidiyor users are male and 27% of them are female, which means the number of female users has come up in the last years.

GittiGidiyor home page screenshot in 2001

In 2010, there was an increase in the number of GittiGidiyor’s visitors and page view. The website had 8.5 million unique visitors per month in 2010, and had a total number of visits of 18 million per month. GittiGidiyor had 2.7 billion page views in total in 2010. And the number of its total visit number has increased by 18% compared to 2009, reaching 200 million.

In 2010, 13 page views were made in one visit, while there were 27 page views per ne visitor. Also, average time spent by a visitor on the website is 8 minutes.

Number of products for sale has increased by 30% compared to last year, exceeding 2 million. The product categories with the largest share are Books & Magazines, Electronics, Clothes & Accessories and Collection. According to the results of 2010 the largest share of sales were made in the categories of Clothing & Accessories and Electronics. Women were interested in Apparel & Accessories and Health&Personal Care categories, while male users showed interest in electronic products.

In 2010, the website renewed its structure under the name User Experience Unit and started to follow all the comments, complaints and suggestions about GittiGidiyor on the web. User Support Team also reached 51 people. The number of users on GittiGidiyor’s Facebook page has reached 262.875.

The stats of GittiGidiyor, which has celebrated in 10th birthday in the past weeks, are really impressive. As also mentioned by Serkan Borançılı, founder of GittiGidiyor, in his blog on its 10th birthday, some major changes are planned for GittiGidiyor, one of the oldest web initiatives in Turkey, beginning from the second quarter of 2010. We’ll be sharing details soon.

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