Turkish E-Commerce Market: HepsiBurada.com’s 2010 Report

We are in a period when e-commerce has a rapid growth in Turkey. While new names are joining in the industry, old names are closely following this trend.

One of the most e-commerce brands in our country, HepsiBurada.com has just sent a report on e-commerce trend in 2010. Let’s have a look at the changes and its position in the market by numbers.

2010 for HepsiBurada

The report shows that HepsiBurada has currently 3 million registered users. 500 hundred of them joined the service in 2010. The e-commerce giant had 13 million visits per month last year, while the number of its unique visitors was 6.5 million.

HepsiBurada has also an outstanding number of user reviews, which is one of the most important aspects of e-commerce, affecting purchasing preferences. The number of user reviews of the site is more than 810.000 and average time that visitors spend on the website is 10 minutes.

HepsiBurada has posted more than 550 thousand product items in 36 different categories per month. The company hosts more than 350.000 product items on the website, while it offers 4.519 brands to its users.

The products with the largest number of reviews are Nokia 5800 and Nokia 6300, while top searched products are air conditioners, mobile phones, headphones, irons, wedding rings and watches. The most searched brands are iPhone, Sony, Apple, Nokia, HP, Samsung, and Philips.

The reports points out that tablet PC’s have a growth of 6%, and smart phone sales are on the rise in the year 2010.

Etrading giant also offers international sales, and it attracts most visitors from Aegean cities including Antalya, Balıkesir, Muğla and Manisa. HepsiBurada says 60% of its sales are from other cities than İstanbul, Ankara and İzmir.

Share of Women in Etrading

It is known fact that women shop more for their children on private and vertical shopping channels, and HepsiBurada highlights this fact in its report. According to HepsiBurada, female members shop for babies and children, more than shoes and accessories.

While nearly 40% of new members registered in HepsiBurada.com in 2010 are female, health and accessory shopping of them show a growth of 100% in terms of number and turnover. Health shopping has a growth of 25% by number of sales, while it has a growth of 15% in terms of turnover, and cosmetics shopping has a growth of 90% by number of sales, while it has a growth of 130% in terms of.

Etrading in Turkey

HepsiBurada shows the dimensions of etrading in Turkey by its own data. The company reports 35 million Internet users in our country, making Turkey 12. globally, and 4. among European countries.

In Turkey, etrading volume was 260 million TL in 2003, and 10 billion TL in 2009, while it reaching 15 billion TL by the end of 2010. With reference to Inter-banks Card Centre data, it is pointed out that 7% of the spending in the first 6 months of 2010 were made on online shops.

Other Notes on Etrading:

There are some interesting notes on HepsiBurada.com report:

– Men leave women behind when it comes to mobile phone shopping.
– Men shop for cosmetics products more than games/game consoles.
– We have spent mre time at home in 2010. Because the report says most sold products are books, movies, TV, home theater systems and hobby products.
– The time a user spent on the website was 5 minutes last year, while it increased to 10 minutes.
– Turkish users are keen on latest tech products. New notebooks, mobile phones and tablet PC’s are among the most searched and sold items.
– Now we have bigger TV’s. One of the most sold products in 2010 are 42 inch TVs.
– In 2010, international sales also were on the rise. The most ordered items are from electronics list.
– In gift season, shopping activities increase by 30% compared to other seasons.

HepsiBurada has made a good point in publishing this report as it will bring light to online retail industry. Those who are focused only on group shopping these days better know that this market is still active and dynamic.

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