Sendloop Gives Stats on Email Use in Turkey

Here we have a Sendloop report, which gives details on which services Turkey prefer for use of e-mails.

Sendloop is a Turkish startup and is operating email marketing activities in a number of countries. Here, we will have a look at the statistics Sendloop has made of domain names users use to check their emails.

The most used email service is Hotmail, whose instant messaging service is commonly used among users. The number of Hotmail email subscribers that Sendloop posts is 7 million, and this makes up 70% of total number of subscribers.

According to Sendloop, the 2. most popular email service Gmail with 1.2 million users, making up of 12% of Sendloop subscribers, while Yahoo! is the 3. on the list with a percentage of 10 of total subscribers.

The first local service following popular foreign ones if, with 5% of total subscribers, and it is followed by,,,, and, making up the top 10 on the list.

According to Sendloop stats which include email applications, Live (Windows Live Mail) is the most used application, while MS Outlook is the 2., Yahoo! Mail is the 3., and iPhone is the 4, and also, Sendloop has detected iPad application 12.916 times.

Previously we had a look at 2009 July comScore Turkey reports, giving info on the most widely used instant messaging services in Turkey. So, we can accept Sendloop as a correct reference for Turkish email users.

We can only imagine how things will change on this list, when Facebook email service will go online.

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