Social Gaming Company Peak Games Gets Investment of $1.5 Million

Peak Games, was started in October 2010, and is already preparing to transform the potential of Turkish internet market in this area to a global success.

The company, whose founders includes successful personalities in Turkey, such as Sidar Sahin, Safa Sofuglu, and Demet Mutlu, has raised 1.5 million dollars from Hummingbird Ventures with Pamir Gelenbe, thus jumping a milestone on path towards reaching its goal.

Sidar Sahin, who made a big success with startups including and İ – the most popular Turkish video site -, Demet Mutlu, founder of Trendyol, Hakan Bas and Evren Ucok are among the partners of Peak Games. The gaming company concluded funding agreement with Hummingbird Ventures, Belgium headquartered investment company, a few days ago.

Peak Games has offices in London and Istanbul, in addition to an office in Belgium. And with the partnership, it has a share of 20%, according to official records.

The company reached 6 million of active users per month on Facebook following its launch in October 2010, and owes this success to Okey (Rummikub) and Komsu Ciftlik (Farm Next Door) games. You can see stats about games of Peak Games on Facebook here.

I believe that this development is an important investment for Turkish internet market and a global opening for making use of the potential for social gaming in Turkey, giving us a clue on what is waiting for us in the year 2011.

Original Post: Sosyal Oyun Şirketi Peak Games’e 1.5 Milyon Dolar Yatırım

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