Boyner Group Prepares for E-Commerce With Morhipo

We have been hearing news about leading companies in Turkey, carrying out works to take place in private shopping and group buying markets. One of these was on a start-up that we had heard of long ago; however were yet to have clear info, that’s why we waited to share the details with you.

This e-commerce start-up is a Boyner Holding corporate and is counting down to be online under the management of Kaan Dönmez, former General Manager of Hepsiburada.

The site will be available with the brand name Morhipo, however its website is not online yet. But, upon our investigations on the company, we have confirmed that the operation to be carried out Fırsat Elektronik Ticaret Corp. will use the brand name Morhipo with trademark registration application that have been done.

We receive several hearings that e-commerce model of the service will be like the one of Net-A-Porter or will adopt a private shopping model; while we believe that the service is currently focused on the model of world-wide known Net-A-Porter.

According to sources that stand close to Boyner Holding, the project is supported especially by Cem Boyner, and it is spoken that the start-up will bring a different taste to the industry by the people interested in this news in the company, even by Cem Boyner himself.

We will be sharing new info on this development with you, which I consider a valuable one for e-commerce in Turkey.

Original Post: Boyner Grubu Morhipo İle E-Ticaret Pazarına Hazırlanıyor

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