Nokia – Etohum Fund Winning Start-ups – Last Status

This year Etohum announced two investment funds for start-up owners, one of them was Nokia-Etohum Fund and the winners were listed a short time ago. Upon the announcement of winning initiatives by official bulletin, we wanted to take a look at the last status of these initiatives and share it with you.

It was a key element to be mobile for the initiatives to be supported by this fund. In this sense, Alışveriş Robotu (Shopping Robot), Animalwars and Gamester won Nokia-Etohum Fund. Nokia allocated 20.000 Turkish Lira for Ovi support, training, tech support and incorporation process for the start-up owners, which makes Nokia the first brand to support start-up owners in this way.

Now let’s take a look at the last status of Nokia – Etohum fund winning initiatives.

Animal Wars

Animalwars is an RPG initiative that aims to go mobile, which lets users experience various adventures with animals they have looked after. It is the first multiplayer online game of KaKare İnteraktif, and basics of the game are active and getting ready to go beta. As the team says, improvements to the game are continuing, as different platforms and resolutions can give healthier results. The team is planning to publish the game on Nokia Ovi Store in Spring 2011, then on AppStore and Android Market.

We have also learned that the team is working on the project for mobile and desktop browsers to increase interaction of the project, and Animalwars will contain location based technologies on mobile social gaming. You can find first screenshots of Animalwars below.

Alışveriş Robotu

Alışveriş Robotu is different than other price comparison services, in that it adds physical shops to its list of shops. Alışveriş Robotu is the only start-up that has sent its mobile app to Ovi Store among other projects, and it offers nearly all its search and comparison features in its mobile app. The project is continuing to be improved with its 2 founders.

Alışveriş Robotu has been on Ovi Store for only 1.5 months, but it was enough to be downloaded 15.000 times. We have also learned that the apps new version will be on Ovi Store in a couple of weeks. You can download the app from Ovi Store and the screens are below.


Gamester is one of the first social gaming based companies in Turkey, and has focused on Townster at the moment. Townster has caught interest on Facebook and is planning to be on every platform with its mobile app which is continuing to be improved. We are expecting this Symbian based mobile app to be online in a few months, and it will include basic management features of Townster.

Gamester might can get a good share of cyber money economy and it is possible that it will be effective on tablet PC’s in time.

We wish success to this initiatives ( and other 40), and hope to share new developments of them with you.

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