Private Shopping Site for Tech Fans:

We have seen vertical examples of private shopping websites on mother and child and home-decoration before. Started in the beginning of February, is a new startup that will offer services in tech products. It has been only one week since it got online, and it offers very interesting products that will attract tech fans.

The website has just gone online, so you can register directly, however it won’t be long until users will be able to register only by invitations. The website started last week with PS3, and its product variety includes Thermaltake mouse, keyboard and headphone sets, Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse and Sony Blue Ray DVD player. will be a unique service for those who think private shopping websites offer only textile, jewelry and underwear items respectively, like me. We can see that leaders in private shopping rarely offer tech products that are for general audience and bear good brands. It is possible that the success of will make leader private shopping websites of the industry realize they can offer products other than women and child items. made its first sell with Sony PS3 at 499 Turkish Lira and sold 42 more in a few minutes. They were followed by Alienware desktops and laptops for 25% discount. Though this website has been online for a very short time, its select products will attract tech fans, and I believe that the website is worth being followed by them.

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