Infographic: Unknown Facts About

One of the largest e-trade markets in Turkey,, has gathered all the interesting info on its rapid growth and created an infographic analyzing these facts., which offers services on outstanding areas including trade, shopping, real estate and automotive, has increased its number of unique visitors by 51%, reaching 20 million last year. has become no. 1 among automotive and real estate websites in Turkey thanks to its rising traffic by the end of 2010, while it is among top 5 in Europe, and top 20 in global lists.

The visitors’ activities on are as remarkable as the rise in the traffic of the website. In 2010, 12 million new ads were published on, while active ads increased by 50%, reaching over 2 million. The site is so active that the number of vehicles sold per 5 minutes is 10, while 1 real estate is sold or rented every minute. The fact that the 6. most searched word in Turkey is “sahibinden” on Google Zeitgeist 2010 reveals the high interest of web users towards this site.

Below you can find detailed information on, which has a huge turnover increase by 2394% in 5 years.

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