Caglar Erol Steps in Private Shopping with MarkaVIP

Founder of, which was bought by XING for 4.3 million Euros, Çağlar Erol is also founding partner and GM of, in addition to being the investor of startups including, and, as you know.

We had long been hearing that Çağlar Erol would invest in a private shopping company, and he had confirmed it. However, what we did not know was which company would that be.

A few days ago, I got together with Çağlar Erol and Ersan Özer for an interview, and Çağlar Erol told me about this new investment, though it was a little hard to take the words from him.

Lately much spoken Hummingbird Ventures with Pamir Gelenbe among its founders has invested in MarkaVIP, and Çağlar Erol has also made an investment in this private shopping club.

Everything is just as we’re used to, until here. One of leading startup and angel investors in Turkey invests in a popular field. However, this news is more than that. Even though MarkaVIP sounds like a Turkish startup, it is not.

Jordan based company has been founded by Ahmed Alkhatib in August 2010 in Silicon Valley, and its investors include former Yahoo! vice president Usama Fayyad and former US ambassador Karim Kawar, along with Hummingbird Ventures, thus making MarkaVIP the first international investment of Çağlar Erol, as far as we know.

MarkaVIP will provide key strategic connections for Çağlar Erol, with its current investors and position as a rising trend in investment ecosystem in the Middle East.

Whenever we can, we underline that investment sources should strengthen if we want to see Turkish internet market in higher positions. International steps that Turkish investors and startup owners take create high values in this sense, and when succeeded, it offers important opportunities for both relations and capital for Turkish internet market.

Big congrats to Çağlar Erol for his new investment, and wish him success. I tried really hard to take the words from him, and I have a question that I could not ask him then.

Will MarkaVIP expand internationally, operate in other countries and step in Turkish market within this framework? The floor is yours, Çağlar…

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