Angel Investment in Turkey in 2010

I guess every entrepreneur knows the methods to begin a start-up:

– Make it with their own capital
– Getting capital from family and friends
– Working with incubation companies
– Support from Angel Investors
– Contests and prizes
– Support from VC companies which make investment directly within early period.

The year 2010 was a good year in Turkey, “except the bans” online. The best proof is the increase in investments! Apart from those are trying to grow with the help of their own capital and family or friends, the number of angel investments can give us some insight on how 2010 was.

We asked the people below about how many angel investments / seed startup investments they have made in 2010, considering “some of the investments they have made have not been announced yet”. The number is more than what we have shared with you as Webrazzi, which means more projects are on the way and yet to be ready to be announced.

We will share these startups with you, first on Webrazzi, and share their details. Here, we will not focus on what these projects are, instead, will focus on the increase in number of angel investments in Turkey, which is very pleasing.

Here are 58 angel investments / seed investments made in 2010:

We will update the list if you can contact us for those not included in the list.

While above mentioned people are not primarily investors, they have made investment in good ideas they have come across in a very unstable period. Therefore they can be considered angel investors, and deserve a big applaud for that.

It is a very positive development that Galata Business Angels has actively engaged with angel investment in 2010, in terms of the future of the industry.

Acquisitions including BeyazPerde, Savevid, beşinci cadde, and gaxxi are also good results of angel investments.

We hope to show the growth clearly with a comparison of 2010 and 2011 next year.

note: Thanks to Burak Büyükdemir, Ersan Özer and everyone above who have helped me making up this list.


– Bülent Arslan ( and is included in the list. (7 January 2010)

– Demet Mutlu and Evren Ucok are included in the list. (7 January 2010)

– Birol Kabakoğlu is included in the list. (10 January 2010)

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