Akakce 2010 Report Shows Interest in Smartphones Catapulted in Turkey

Akakce.com, offering price comparison service for 10 years, has shared its annual report of 2010 with us. We believe that Akakce.com is a valuable source, with a total of 24 million visitors in 2010, and therefore giving the picture of online shopping in Turkey.

In 2010, mobile phones took the lead in “popular” category of Akakce, but there is a fall of 3.4% when considered to 2009. You can see details of the category below, where preferences affected other categories directly, and digital cameras fell from 15% to 9.9% in 2010, considered to 2009.

The situation is different for desktops and laptops, which covered 14.3% of all the searches, with an increase of 1.3%. The interest towards desktops have decreased, while notebooks have a share of 92%, netbooks have a percentage of 4.5, and tablet PC’s with a percentage of 4.5.

When we have a look at the most clicked products of 2010 in Akakce, top 3 is shared by Nokia phones. Nokia N8 is the most clicked product of the year, while 2. is 5800 Xpress Music, Nokia X6 is the 3. of all. In the list, Samsung Monte is the 4., iPhone 4 16 GB is the 5., and iPad is the 5. Following smart house appliances after iPad, Playstation 3 Slim 120 GB is among the top 10.

In the mobile phone category, there is an increasing interest in smart phones. 3G feature is preferred 24%, touch screen is preferred 23%, while Wi-Fi is preferred 22%, forming most preferred features in smartphones.

The price range for mobile phones is 500-750 TL, with a percentage of 18, which is showing that we spend not a little amount of money on mobiles

While white goods including fridges, dishwashers, washing machines are in the list of top ten categories preferred, Akakce says cosmetics, house deco, textile categories will be on the rise in 2011.

Akakce offers price comparisons from both online markets and real shop prices, and has increased its number of visitors by 25%, reaching 25 million. Akakçe has launched its mobile page in February, and its mobile users have done 7 thousand price comparisons every day.

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