GittiGidiyor Closes Era of Bidding!

GittiGidiyor has informed its users with a message, announcing that it is closing sales by open auction by 21 December, 2010.

In fact, on 1st of November, the company made another announcement that it would stop sales with open bidding until 1st of December, due to maintenance, and open bidding was reengaged on 1st of December, as stated.

I believe that this period is an opportunity to evaluate GittiGidiyor’s performance when open bidding is not enabled. On the statement on the issue, it is explained that interest towards sales with open bidding has decreased and is continuing to lessen among particularly sellers. And it is also said that the number of buyers who win open bidding, but do not make payment has increased.

On this issue, GittiGidiyor sent a message to its users:

As we have observed,

We have seen that;

Among sellers in particular, interest towards sales with open bidding has decreased and is continuing to lessen in a considerable extent, and,

Complaints regarding buyers who win “open bidding”, but do not make payment has increased and are increasing.

For these reason, we will end listing within the site with “open bidding” method by December 21.

Enjoy buying and selling.



The consumer does not want to wait for open bidding, as e-trade transforms!

I am not very surprised at this news, as I have been waiting for such development for a long time, and consider a correct one. E-trade is transforming globally, and consumers do not want to lose time with open auctioning. In an ecosystem where competitiveness is so high and there are so many opportunity websites, open auction model has been a matter long discussed.

Even after this news at New York Times in August 2008, I had emailed GittiGidiyor people, asking about their plans for open auctioning. I even found that email.

In short, I believe that GittiGidiyor has given the right and long waited decision. I presume that the company will bring life to channels and projects in different industries. We have already seen an example to this with GittiGidiyor Travel recently.

Affordable domestic and international flight tickets on GittiGidiyor Travel!

GittiGidiyor Travel provides its members to compare flight ticket fares for requested routes, and also directly buy tickets, and I guess that it will be a competitor to many companies in this industry.

The company’s announcement regarding GittiGidiyor Travel is as follows:

Dear GittiGidiyor users,

As GittiGidiyor, we continue our efforts to develop consistently in order to offer better service to you, our valuable users.

For this aim, we are ready to get GittiGidiyor Travel category on air, the most comprehensive online local and international airlines ticket agency in Turkey.

With GittiGidiyor Travel, you can compare flights on requested dates, and buy your airline ticket directly on GittiGidiyor. We will continue to provide our users the chance to shop with affordable prices with GittiGidiyor Travel.

You can shop on GittiGidiyor, the busiest shopping center in Turkey with its leader position in the market, stronger structure with eBay partnership and quality service.

We will go on improving Travel category, developed with the cooperation of Petur, which provides infrastructure for all of the travel agencies in Turkey, and creating new projects to make your lives easier.

We hope you enjoy your travels with GittiGidiyor Travel.


Cenk Angin
GittiGidiyor General Manager

Which other channels will be available in GittiGidiyor?

I wildly guess that the company will continue to lead to new openings in different other channels, and it is highly probable that options including holiday, vehicle rental, and hotels are being considered within this period. When considering eBay, GittiGidiyor’s partner, Classifieds and Daily Opportunities are possible potentials.

Though we have this example of another project, called Markapon, the social shopping website in Turkey which was started by GittiGidiyor’s partners, such integration will add a value to GittiGidiyor, in terms of “local business”, considered the most important trend of today, and future’s vision. The company might choose to improve and expand its “Today’s Opportunity” section this way. Similarly, a “Classified” category would support such a possible approach in this direction.

Let’s cut the chase and get back to where we started.

GittiGidiyor will not enable its members use open auctioning method for sales by 21 December, 2010. So I really want to know, how many times have you bought an item online with open bidding in the last three months?

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