XING Turkey Office Closes, Operation Moves to Hamburg Headquarter

With more than 1 million members in Turkey, XING has decided to move its foreign offices in Spain and Turkey to its headquarters in Germany. The reasons of this decision is that the company aims to increase member activities, in accordance with company strategy and is focusing on the product itself, instead of local offices to realize this aims.

I have met XING Turkey Country Manager Hakan Gonenli on the subject, who says that that they will have moved to headquarters in Hamburg from Turkey office by January 31, 2011 and XING Turkey employees are offered options. If the employees agree with this option, they will be working in Germany headquarters beginning from that date. Hakan Gonenli also says that he will not choose this option, but will continue to lead operations for a healthy transition process until January 31.

XING’s Turkish members are nearly as high as 10% of the whole service. As stated in Q3 2010 report, XING has a total of 10.11 million members registered on its platform, and 1,54 million members in Spain, which is another country it has office other than Turkey. On the other hand, LinkedIn, which is another popular business network in Turkey, has nearly 350 thousand members.

Following the acquisition of, XING has achieved its major goals in terms of number of its members, and I believe that it’s the right decision to continue its operations from Hamburg headquarters from now on. The company plans to increase its member activities, besides number of members and achieve this by focusing on the product itself, so it wouldn‘t be very meaningful to maintain its operations in local offices.

At this point, we know for sure that XING Turkey Country Manager Hakan Gonenli has not accepted the option to work in Hamburg, and will quit his job at XING on January 31, 2011. However we have no information on other employees’ opinions on the matter yet. We will share with if any developments occur.

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