Devrim Demirel’s Angel Investment Acquired

Devrim Demirel, founder of BerilTech, owner of successful sales of and TR.TC, has been working day and night for these days. However, it seems that, unlike what we know, Devrim Demirel has not stopped working, and made a small investment, of which even we got news after the sale.

This initiative is called, which enables downloading and watching videos from a variety of video websites, especially from YouTube, and has been recently acquired by a company based in Israel.

Even though I have just learnt about the initiative in which Devrim Demirel has taken part for 2 years as angel investor, I found it quite successful.

The service, started by Tolga Okvuran living abroad, received a total of 40 million visits the last year. These visits provided a total of 120 million page views and 72 million videos downloaded.

Unfortunately we don’y have info on the value of, whose 100% shares have been purchased by a company based in Israel. Devrim Demirel says that the buyer is a company known in the industry, and we will share its name with you in the coming days. However, this information is not publicly shared yet, due to obligatory articles in the agreements. I find this news quite valuable in that the acquiring company is well known and and the potential of these kind of sales in global markets.

Congrats to Devrim Demirel and Tolga Okvuran who started this initiative in the nick of time.
Although we could not get clear info on company name sales figures, we will share with you as we learn from a different channel.

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