Turkey’s Young Population More and More Into Facebook

As Facebook makes a number of renovations, we had last taken a look into its position in Turkey in September. Facebakers which changed its name as Socialbakers recently, published an order of the fastest rising countries with Facebook users in November, thus giving a chance to make an evaluation. Let’s take a glance at our general position both last month and this month.

According to November stats, 830.540 people from Turkish signed up to Facebook last month. This equals an increase of 3.44% of total Turkish Facebook population and makes Facebook population in Turkey being over 24 million. Since Turkey is on the 4. line of Facebook countries list, its percentage growth is not very high. Also, the fact that Facebook’s online Turkish population reaches its 68.98% shows it does not have a huge user population to reach anymore.

Similarly, England and U.S. also grow with low percentages. France is on the 5. line in Facebook countries list and while there is a 4 million gap of users between France and Turkey, it is similar to Turkey with a growth rate of 3.49%. Russia, Brazil and South Korea are the markets where Facebook is growing faster.

General Stats

Socialbakers Turkey private pages reveal a new rise in Turkey in the last months. We might attribute this to the fact that social media campaigns and brands have been using Facebook mre effectively lately.

In Media category, prominent Turkish pages are İzlesene, Gittigidiyor, Tivibu, Vogue Turkey and National Geographic Turkey, respectively. In Brands, we have Nike Football Turkey, Oxxo, GittiGidiyor, Starbucks Turkey and TTNet.

Of all Turkish users, 64% are male, while 36% are female. Facebook is most popular among users aged 18-34. Also, it is seen that young people between 13-17 are showing great interest in Facebook.

Facebook’s services such as Places, Deals and Questions are not available yet, so we might assume that time spent in Facebook will increase soon. Also, as Turkey is the 131st in ad costs, it could be said that Turkish users are way behind at creating value.

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