Want To Find Out Somebody’s Email Address? – Validate From Quora Right Away!

From time to time, all of us want to get in contact with somebody, but do not know their email addresses. Even we have tried different combinations that we think might be that person’s email…

For example, I believe that many startups have had hard times to find Techcrunch founder Michael Arrington’s email address, trying various first and  last name combinations with @techcrunch.com suffix.

Or maybe you want to find out Mashable founder Pete Cashmore’s address, which he uses to register for a variety of services.

I’m not even asking how many people there are dying to learn Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s email…

Quora can help us find the answers to each of our questions, and it is in fact a blessing. How come? Let me tell you…

There is a simple feature on Quora’s home screen. If the email address you have entered is registered in the system, you are instantly shown that user’s profile picture and full name.

Using this feature of the service, you can find email addresses, or to be more precise, you can do an email verification process. All you have to do is try possible email address combinations of the person whose name you know, and wish that s/he is a Quora user.

A number of names, including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter founder Evan Williams, Techcrunch founder Michael Arrington, ReadWriteWeb founder Richard MacManus, Gigaom founder Om Malik, and popular name of the social media, Robert Scoble are Quora users today and Quora has verified their email addresses very fast.

I think that Quora should change this system in the quick way. All in all, it is possible to perform infinite queries here with a simple code. If this app is maliciously used, a database with many people’s email addresses and profile pictures could be created. Even if not, why need that kind of a email verification mechanism?

You can quickly check out which of the email address combinations people you know are using from Quora by creating email combinations. Not for finding email addresses, but for being an email verification system, Quora is a unique blessing.

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