Last Status on Group Buying Cup Turkey

As the end of year is coming up, we wanted to go over the analysis on group buying services we had made on the end of June. Services that are adding activity to etrade have continued to increase in number in the last 5 months and have gained a sustainable growth over time.

According to data from and the entire search channels engaged, the most searched 5 services are Sehirfirsati, Grupanya, Grupfoni, Markapon and Grupca. All of these services offer a couple of options every day. Also, the searches that have risen in August have caught a rapid increase in October per monthly basis.

According to Google results, Sehirfirsati, Groupon’s Turkey branch, is on the 1st line, while Grupanya, with an investment of 5 million USD, is the most searched local group buying service. The competition of services that lay importance on search engine advertising is in parallel with their potential of being searched.

Though we do not know their official search engine-based traffics, we might say that these data reveal a correct ranking. When we have a look at these services’ status on Alexa, we see the same ranking, with Sehirfirsati coming 1st in daily visitor count.

Looking at Google Trends for more recent results, Sehirfirsati is front runner. Google Trends, shows that Grupfoni is ahead of Grupanya in single traffic overall, but I think these changes are due to marketing budgets.

Google AdPlanner shows that Sehirfirsati has 900,000 Turkish visitors per month, while Grupfoni has 320,000, and Grupanya has 200,000 visitors from Turkey monthly. These numbers prove Google Trends results right.

As a result, rising trends of these 5 services seem consistent with each other. Grupanya’s campaign, which has reached more than 17,000 people, shows that these services achieve serious number of sales with right campaigns. A wealth of the industry is that it has begun to reach various niche areas from SMEs to health sector.

When considering that there are group buying services that continue to offer campaigns, new acquisitions, mergers, and resignations will take place when all fall into place in the market. Especially at Christmas, there are already some signals that this market will be quite active.

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