Tiger Global Invests 10 Million Dollar in Trendyol

We have recently received a news on investment made on Trendyol. Private shopping website, which made great influence on the market with the investment of 4.3 million Lira from Tiger Global in July.

The company has received a serious amount of investment on an important level of valuation from Tiger Global, according to hearsay information we got from various sources. We have also heard that some documents were signed as a result of the investment.

An official statement on the issue has not been made by the company yet. But according to the hearsay information we received from our sources, the company is currently reaching a staff of 150 people, it got valued at the level of approximately $60 million and received $10 million investment.

I believe that these information we heard will be confirmed by the company in short time, and we will be updating you as we get more news

UPDATE 1: Trendyol confirmed the investment, clarifying this news we have shared with Webrazzi readers.

UPDATE 2: After the investment, new share rates have been announced on Commercial Registry Gazette No. 7699, dated 2 December 2010. According to it, current shares of Trendyol’s partners are as follows:

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