Live Football Score Application: liveza

There are various websites on the Internet to get info and chat on football games. But mostly, all we are interested in is the score of the game. Inspired by this fact, liveza is a simple online application that publishes game scores live on a single page.

Liveza is the latest project of lunar, the creator of Fizy and It follows football leagues of 20 countries in addition to Turkey Super League. The service gives game scores 5 days back, while making it possible to reach tens of game scores already. It gives info on goal times, players who scored them, and yellow and red cards, along with game scores.

The simple white and black design we are used to with Fizy and, is also used in liveza. I guess it would not be wrong to say that the only tool on the website is for following games.

With the data cumulating in it, I believe that liveza will turn into a stats service for football teams after a while. Ercan Yaris had told us about on an interview we made with him before. is not a medium that aims to make money through ads, but the very first step of an international research company you will hear about much in the future.

Concerning this answer, there is a possibility that liveza is the second step of this mentioned international research company. Being a practical and useful service, we predict that liveza will be a popular tool among football lovers as well as bet players

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