Use Twitter in Turkish With LiveGo

Following fresh developments on its design, instant messaging service LiveGO has launched its Turkish support. With this new feature, LiveGO is offering an alternative interface to Twitter, which does not have Turkish support and is becoming more and more popular in Turkish market, and is expecting to be more attractive to Turkish users.

LiveGO makes it possible to connect to instant messaging services including Live Messenger, Yahoo and Gtalk and e-mail accounts such as Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo! from one location, while supporting also Facebook and Twitter. The platform apparently cares for Turkish users, as it has launched – to address a need that is not met by Twitter – where you can find how-to’s and other info on Twitter, while making the whole interface Turkish.

We believe that this fresh service will make those who have not been able to use Twitter due to language issues, and it will achieve the success it wants. Acting earlier than Twitter, which does not support Turkish in spite of adding Turkey to local trends; it is possible that LiveGO will reach its global success in the local market as well.

If you wish to use Twitter in Turkish with all the other services, you can visit LiveGO after registering in Twitter.

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