Infographic: Facts & Stats For Turkey’s Largest Virtual World Sanalika

Using the latest statistical information we have received, designed an infograph on Sanalika, one of the most important gaming projects in Turkey. We strongly believe that it gives us some valuable insight on Sanalika’s growth and the point it has reached.

Sanalika’s total number of users has reached 9,548,041 by the end of November 2010. When we look at the number of members increases, we see an increase of 100% in the last 10 months. Virtual World is expected to reach 10 million users in a short period of time. Meanwhile, special surprises are awaiting for the 10 millionth person to create his avatar.

Sanalika’s world established on the islands, the number of islands has reached 114 and by the end of 2010, 753 thousand users has been the hosted on these islands. Also, the number of hosts showed more than 100% growth over the previous year.

The number of special characters such as coffeemaker, fishermen, police, florist, beggar, and mussel seller in the game controlled by the system is increased 6 times over the previous year. It can be said that these characters bring different colors to the game anda re therefore important.

We also have interesting info on stats of virtual product sale, which is the income channel of Sanalika.

There are 1,355 purchasable items per hour in the world of Sanalika. 1,150 items are sold per hour, while 27,500 items per day and 825,000 items per month are sold. The best-sellers are gum and candies, jeans, hair models, toy robots, sporting goods, costumes, television, UFO toys, ceiling fan and light saber respectively.

The increase in the number of Sanalika users, has reflected in the number of employees at Oyun Studyosu , the developer of virtual world enhances. Founded in 2008 with 6 people, the company reached 15 in 2009 and 45 employees in 2010.

You can have a look at the infograph for other stats.

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