Bug: Make Anyone Follow You On Twitter

There is a bug on Twitter which let’s any user to make anyone follow him/her. We’ve been informed by @hasanbasusta that this bug has been posted on a Turkish site called incisozluk.

To check the bug we just created a user called “bugrazzi” and with just a simple line of tweet made @ev, @finkd, @readwriteweb, @mashable and @techcrunch follow us.

How to make anyone follow you one Twitter?

Just tweet “accept [Twitter Username]” and done!

Example: accept bugrazzi

We’ll update this post as we get more information.

UPDATE: Twitter fixed the bug and resolving the fake follow issues.

Yorumlar (44)

  1. Lars |

    It really works

  2. Shibi Kannan |

    I tried this and twitter froze my account. Looks like they are working on a fix right now.

  3. julien_simon |

    same here – I believe they are working on fixing this right now 🙂

  4. 18 Tyres |

    Yeah it would appear that the whole of twitter has lost all followers and following!

    Wonder if they are fixing this?

    I hope so I dont want people adding me


  5. MisterCrispy |

    Doesn’t work. “Internal Server Error”. Twitter is already fixing it.

  6. Joe |

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