Quantcast CEO Konrad Feldman Interview For Webrazzi

Quantcast is an audience measurement service and Fast Company ranked it as Third Most Innovative Company on the Web and one of  Top 50 Most Innovative Companies in the World.

While Quantcast goes global with local audience insights and real-time world, we have interviewed with Konrad Feldman.

Fırat Demirel – Hi Konrad, can you introduce yourself and your company please?

Konrad Feldman – CEO and co-founder along with Paul Sutter, President.

Quantcast launched in 2006 and we are based in San Francisco and New York. Our mission is to measure and organize the world’s real-time audiences so advertisers can buy, sell and connect with the people who matter most to them.

F.D. – How is Quantcast different from its competitors as comScore, Alexa or Compete?

K.F. – We believe that the ability to power addressable advertising solutions will be the defining characteristic of effective digital media.

From inception, Quantcast has pioneered the first direct measurement solution that provides the media marketplace with real-time information about their audiences. This impression level data transforms the audience measurement landscape from one of historical/retrospective, aggregate reporting to now enable the media marketplace to buy and sell the most consistent, accountable audiences.

Importantly, we don’t sell audience measurement services – all of them are completely free of charge. We only charge when publishers use our real-time audience segmentation technology. So, that’s a big difference, not only do we provide the world’s best audience measurement solution, but it’s completely free when others charge tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

F.D. – What are your advantages for online publishers?

K.F. – By providing the foundation of better audience data and measurement, we are empowering the publisher community to both better represent their audiences to advertisers and to segment them at a much deeper level to enable advertiser relationships to be formed.

F.D. – Quantcast measures more than just traffic on web sites, also measures flash media such as videos or widgets. What kind of technology/algorithm do you use on your measurements?

K.F. – The company uses client-side software instrumentation to record every media consumption event for participating media companies. These events include any aspect of media consumption for which audience measurement is required, for example page-views, video starts/stops/rewinds, ad pod progression, user engagement such as telescoping, etc. We have integrations available for Flash and Silverlight as well as for many leading video and ad serving platforms.

F.D. – As we shared on Webrazzi, you publish mobile web trends in annual. What are your thoughts about Mobile Future?

K.F. – The amount of web media that’s consumed via mobile devices will just increase and app makers and vendors will increasingly make it easier for us to do things on the go. Mobile web consumption is growing exponentially, last year it was up 110% in North America and 148% globally. We all expect more from our phones, but the vendors and the app makers will show us what’s really possible. The power of handheld mobile devices and broader access to broadband wireless connections will be the key and soon this platform will present even more, real opportunities for the media marketplace.

F.D. – Turkey has a great potential with it’s nearly 30M internet users (3rd largest country on Facebook) Do you have any measurements for Turkey and do you think any expansion on this area?

K.F. – Stay tuned! [UpdateQuantcast shared a global announcement]

F.D. – We have entertained NuBridge VC&Angel Summits in a few weeks ago and Etohum(turkish startup camp) declared new 15 startups last weekend. Also there are Grou.ps, Marro.ws and Put.io on global area. So Turkey is on a new rising line. As a company founded with $53.2M, what are your suggestions for Turkish entrepreneurs?

K.F. – Find something that you love doing, build a great team and focus on a world-class product.

F.D. – Quantcast ranked 3rd rank at Fast Company. Can you tell us about future enhancements with Quantcast?

K.F. – Our focus is to help the advertising community understand and leverage their audience data so they can improve the way they communicate with and serve their customers. We will continue to innovate and evolve our offering in ways that support this and all our Quantified Publishers.

F.D. – Konrad thanks for sharing your time.

K.F. – My pleasure.

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