Alexa says: Online Economy Develops, Turkey Increasingly Logs On Twitter!

logo_tagline I wish we had sources other than Alexa to refer to in Turkey, but unfortunately, we do not have this kind of sources to find the information we need regularly. Even though we often criticize it, Alexa is the reference guide in the sector for not just Turkey, but also other parts of the world and it can reflect the status of Internet use in Turkey.

We have been informed that there have been some changes in Alexa 100 Turkey list. Especially the fact that is among Turkey top 10 list caught our attention.  So I wanted to review Alexa 100 Turkey list to get a reflection of what has happened in the sector. It caught my attention that online economy developed anc social media gained power in Turkey. Even I have started to wonder whether Twitter would start to provide its SMS service in Turkey too.

Let’s move on without rambling.

First, has become the 10. most visited website in Turkey as I have mentioned. follows Google, Facebook, Windows Live, YouTube,,, and MyNet on the list. Board Member Mert Aksoy had told of traffic stats of the website on Webrazzi.TV interview before.

As I have been informed, has more than 1.1 billion page views and 11.5 million individual visitors per month.

1157866_86004329The fact that is on top of Rapidshare and similar websites on the list indicates that there are positive developments in Turkish Internet market going on. Also, initiatives such as GittiGidiyor, catch attention in Alexa 100 and support this positive picture.

Considering  Turkish Internet market in terms of initiatives that make use of virtual POS, i.e. real online shopping services GittiGidiyor and Hepsiburada has a large share of the market volume and their stats are on the rise according to Alexa data, which clearly show that online economy in the future will be at the level we estimate.

Having dug through Alexa data, we have surely not overlooked positions of Twitter and FriendFeed on the list. The fact that Twitter is the 31th and FriendFeed the 48th on the list shows how quickly Turkish market adapts popular global initiatives. We are accustomed to initiatives becoming popular in our country in the same period as other parts of the world. As YouTube and Facebook, Twitter has become one of the initiatives that are adored by Turkish Internet users.

By the way, Twitter has put into use its SMS information system for some countries, which it deactivated in many countries one year before. The company has plans for different countries for integrating into SMS. We will see another Facebook phenomena if it becomes possible to tweet using by send text messages in Turkey. And if we do, particularly marketing employees will better follow Facebook and Twitter other than FriendFeed. Isn’t FriendFeed Facebook, anyway?

I am not sure if Twitter’s working with Vodafone in England and New Zealand means that it will sign a contract with the same company in Turkey, but we will be closely following his development.

In short, while examining Alexa in the early morning, I saw that Turkey is improving in terms of online economy and social media popularity in parallel with our expectations 2008 and I was simply delighted. Turkey is already on a nice position in global Internet markets and I believe that will be in a better position in the future. I am very hopeful and optimistic for the year 2010.

[Visual Courtesy: lusi]

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