Monitera by Angelabs is coming For Social Media Tracking!

monitera-logo1Founded by Angelabs and one of 2009 etohum initiatives, ideshot will have a sibling! Founders of the company Metin Kahraman and Harun Peksen are working on their new initiative these days. The initiative is called Monitera and is focused on social media tracking.

The service can follow contents on the Internet related to the brand you choose, categorize those contents and fitler them acoording to whether they are positive or negative and it reports collected data in different criteria.

It is planned that Monitera will be a paid service while providing a free mini suite to only bloggers.  Other than this, brands or agencies that are planning to make use of the service will have to buy one of the suites.

The service is yet to be published but below you can see its first screenshots, so that Webrazzi readers might have an opinion of what Monitera looks like.

monitera_anasayfaSocial media tracking applications are commonly preferred by especially marketing and communication agencies. At least 5 of my contacts have plans of starting initiatives related to this issue, yet none of them have accomplished this target. Even some leading PR agencies have begun working on suck projects, but I haven’t heard any news about them.

We are using an application that we developed in Crenvo but we are not planning to . In short, a field that is so vacant and demanded is finally getting ready to find a host.

Let’s go back to Monitera, which will prove the validity of the sayings “Early bird catches the worm” and “less talk more work”.

I have mentioned that Monitera can report the social media contents it collects for its users. Below there is a report as an example.

Social media tracking is a popular business field. Beginning from 2010, demand for this kind of initiatives will be on the rise, but after a while leading companies in the sector will include in this branch to their companies and competition will end before it starts. In order for a social media tracking company to make difference in this field, it should be providing a very special service. Services different from conventional media tracking companies that can be easily adapted to improvements and developments will survive in this field.

Metin Kahraman informed me that Monitera will be published in January. When the service goes online we will be reviewing it in details and I am sure that there will be special suite offers for Webrazzi readers.

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