Is Going For 2 Million Members In No Time!

These days it seems that Turkey has luck in terms of global Internet initiatives. Today we have gotten a news concerning The service, which enables its users easily create their own social network, is going for 2 million members.

The service reached 1 million in 3 years since it was foundedand running for 2 million in the past 6 years. It seems that the service has started to feel the influence of the social Networks it includes, since we can feel this rapid growth today.

For those who have read Malcolm Gladwell’s The Tipping Point, this influence is a very familiar issue. For those who have not, let’s give a reading advice for he first time.

It is very pleasing to see that has come to a point that it aims global markets now. So when do you think will reach 2 million members as the number of members it has now is 1.988.416

We will give an invitation for gerçeleşecek Webrazzi Agenda Social Media organization to be held on 27 January 2010 to our reader who makes the closest predict in date and time. CEO Emre Sokullu told that he can give the exact time of signup of the 2 millionth member, so we will know when in Turkey time. Therefore you can give enter your predicts in Turkey time in your comments.

NOTE: As Friendfeed and Twitter users know, I have lately been looking for a justification to give someone a present. Next lucky reader will be 10.000th RSS member for his prediction

UPDATE: Emre Sokullu gave the exact signup date and time of 2 millionth member of 26-12-2009 20:26:03

Our reader who won an invitation Webrazzi Agenda Social Media meeting: SEOTeknigi

Our friends will contact you and get your information via the email address you left in your comment.

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