Golden Horn Ventures Invested in!

Following Golden Horn Ventures’ investment in MessengerFX news I have just made, we have gotten another news related to investment. Golden Horn Ventures investments have included popular service that aims global markets.

To be more precise, the offer has been accepted as of today, or it is about to be accepted. I have talked to Hasan Yalcinkaya, one of the partners of pilli, and he confirmed the news on the investment.

I couldn’t get the details about the amount of investment, but learned that it is an early stage. I would guess that the investment is creating a staging environment for the large-scale investments Golden Horn Ventures will invest in investment in the future. Also it meets the urgently needed the server and bandwidth costs at the moment.

Yalcinkaya has used a sentence as follows: “The investment is not a very big number, we can say that Golden Horn agreed a deal with us with this investment…”

I think this sentence truly describes the size and the nature of the investment.
This news did not disappoint us as were trying to predict who would invest in first. Also it is a solid proof of the fact that crisis atmosphere is getting better as I have mentioned in the previous article.
We wish success to all team, especially to Hasan Yalcinkaya and Cem Baspinar and Golden Horn Ventures for the investment and after that.

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