Golden Horn Ventures Invested in MessengerFX!

On our article dated June 2009, we mentioned that MessengerFX, Yusuf Yildirim’s initiative offering instant messaging on web, was aiming global market with a new strategy  and structure. I don’t want to repeat what I wrote in that article before, so I guess it would be ok to just to remind you of this part.

MessengerFx is actively used in global markets, and catches attention particularly in France, Spain, England, Brasil and Canada. The service is widely preferred in places where instant messaging applications are blocked such as schools and offices, while it has made into use important technical features as video chat, in addition to theme options, profile pages and add friend options with is new version. Plus, the service is a social web based instant messaging platform. I predict that the service will increase its user population that is readily high.

MessengerFX is in Turkish, English and Spanish. Looking at its competitors, we see giants such as Meebo with a total investment of $37.5 million and eBuddy with a total of €11.5 million investment.

After 6 months have passed, today we have learned that Golden Horn Ventures invested in MessengerFX. I can say that it is an ideal choice for Golden Horn Ventures considering the company’s investment portfolio as MessengerFX has a global vision and 350K individual visitors a day.

Firstly I want you to know that this news made us very happy since it can be considered a prof that Turkish Internet market is hotting up again. We had received news on investement from global markets but we had not gotten past the silence in the market, not until today. But now I can absolutely say that the crisis atmosphere is healing in Turkey, for our sector at least.

I know that the key concern is the amount of the investment. We do not have information on this issue, but we have heard that it is around $700 – $750 thousand and Golden Horn Ventures is minority shareholder of MessengerFX.

I congutulate Golden Horn Ventures and MessengerFX teams, especially the founder of the initiative Yusuf Yildirim. We will be following the service in the coming days.

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