Social Networking and Micro Blogging Platform for Families with Children: Nurturia

nurturia_baloons_logoWhen looking at the past few years, I can the change and improvement in Turkish web initiatives easily. We have gradually started to become aware of the initiatives trying to make a difference in their fields, focusing on specific issues and constructing innovative models and this can be considered a proof that the sector has found its direction.

After this “half-rose colored” picture I have drawn, I want to talk about an initiative we have recently learned about called Nurturia. The service provides social network and micro blogging platform for families with children. We have tried the service out, and when we have signed in to the site, its plain interfaces and the fact that it uses current social haring culture in the correct way excited us.

Nurturia is fully focused on content and knowledge sharing among parents. It asks “What are you doing right now?” on its micro blogging platform like Twitter, in addition to including in QA for knowledge sharing, photo albums for content sharing and group functionalities for common interests to its users.


The users are also able to invite their friends and make contacts in Nurturia of which you can feel a touch of next generation to social network as you have a look at the easy-to-use service with plain interfaces.

If Nurturia can extend to a large user population, it has the potential to increase its popularity by making its content stronger. Although it is in the competition range of Facebook, we know that it will gain popularity on the Internet in parallel with its content, when it comes to families with children.

We really like this kind of initiatives that are out of ordinary and focused on specific fields. We have not made a study on this, so we do not know the percentages but if you have any with children, Nurturia can catch your interest. And of course it might be an example for web entrepreneurs.

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